Sisters Eagle Airport

15820 Barlcay Drive
Sisters, OR 97759

Airport Contact: David C. Campbell

+1 541 719 0602


What's Next

Sisters Eagle Airport operates from a vision consisting of three components: Life Safety, Economic Impact, and Renewable Technology.

As the saying goes, “No plane, no gain.” Proximity to an airport is a prime determining factor in an area’s economic viability. Sisters Country is, at its core, an environment that stimulates creativity: a Pacific NW nexus for the gifted and talented. Traded sector industries that rely on innovation and research to excel in their field require a habitat that encourages inspiration and interconnectivity.

Sisters’ location makes it a key community in preserving the safety of outdoor enthusiasts and travelers visiting the area alike. SEA is an integral rendezvous point for patient transfer between ambulance and helicopter, reducing response time between the time of incident and arrival at the hospital. SEA also hosts US Forest Service fire suppression helicopters during the summer fire season. Deschutes County Search and Rescue also uses Sisters Eagle Airport as its exclusive staging area for East Cascade operations.

Following in the footsteps of the EPA Research Triangle and Silicon Valley, Sisters Eagle Airport has established itself as an incubator for renewable technology. SEA has attracted businesses focused on clean and renewable energy, and acts as a research facility and proving ground for advances in renewable technologies.

At Sisters Eagle Airport, we always remember to keep fun in the front of our minds! Look for a burgeoning community garden during summer 2012 and a full-size ice rink this winter!

We believe that Sisters Eagle Airport has the potential to be the prototype for a small community asset in the 21st century. Come visit for a taste of Central Oregon’s future!